General Terms of Sales

  • Scope

The submission of any and all advertising order implies the acceptance of our general and special terms. All advertising orders are subject to a fee. The general terms included on the orders placed by the advertisers and / by their agents shall become binding for EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE, only if accepted by the latter.

  • Definition of the advertiser and agent

Advertiser refers to any and all companies or group of companies purchasing advertising space in EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE. Agent refers to intermediary advertising companies duly authorized by an advertiser to purchase advertising space in EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE.

  • Contents of advertising inserts

Advertising is published under the advertiser's sole responsibility. EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE reserves the right to refuse at all times, inserts regarded as contrary to the proper performance and presentation of the publication and, in general, to its commercial, materials or moral interests, or as an infringement of the laws in force. Neither the Advertiser nor its agent, or its design agency hall be entitled to any copyright claims upon or subsequent to the publication of their advertisements. 

  • Publication method

Since the publication dates are communicated for reference, in the case of delays in the publication or failure to publish the advertising materials, EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE shall not be held liable and no damages or delay penalties, shall be claimed from the latter. Regardless of the provision in the advertising order, no other spaces but the ones stipulated in the publication price list can be guaranteed. The orders, amendments and counter-orders shall be submitted in writing 30 days prior to publication. Consequently, EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE undertakes no responsibility in the case of errors occurring as a consequence of transmission by a telephone. EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE requires an explicit written order, as well as the applicable powers of attorney, if applicable.

The advertiser shall inform EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE on any and all amendments in its agreement with the agent triggering  consequences for the magazine. Any and all advertising spaces that could not be used as a consequence of errors or delay in the provision of technical data shall, however, be invoiced. The advertiser or his agent shall necessarily submit a color proof (numerical) including its technical data. If this requirement is not observed, the Publisher shall not be held liable for faulty advertising material printing.


  • Payment Terms

The advertiser shall be liable for the payment of the stipulated advertising materials and delay penalties, even if the operations are carried out through an agent, according to the law n° 93-122 of January 19, 1993. The invoice should be regularly sent to the advertiser, in original. Should an advertiser appoints an agent, a copy of the invoice shall be sent to the latter. The payment shall be made within 30 days from the publication date. Any and all payments made by the advertiser to its agent shall not exonerate the former from its liabilities towards EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE. Any and all settlement invoices issued pursuant to a customer's written complaint shall become payable on the due date of the initial invoice. The amounts that were not paid on the due date shall bear, without delay, default interests amounting to 1.5 times the legal interest rate, per month of delay, calculated starting the due date. If the amounts are not settled on the due date, EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE reserves the right to cancel the publication of advertisements, without any rights of appeal or compensations of any kind.

  • Applicable jurisdiction

In the case of disputes, the Commercial Court of Paris shall be the sole jurisdiction, even if there is more than one defender or an application has been lodged for the joinder of a guarantor as a party and notwithstanding any clauses to the contrary.

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